Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?

A Traffic Exchange is a program that allows you to view (called surfing.) other users' websites in exchange for those users viewing your website. Traffic exchanges create internet traffic to your website.

How To Use A Traffic Exchange Effectively?

The key to using traffic exchanges is understanding that the person will only be viewing your site for around 10 seconds. Rather than sending the person to your website, you should first send them to a specific advertisement designed for use in traffic exchanges.

Use this advertisement to create curiosity about your site. The most effective are squeeze pages or splash pages, which have a simple headline, description or call to action ie: `Click Here for more Information` or an opt-in form for an autoresponder which allows the surfer to easily enter their email address and receive more information about your product or services at a later time.

One of the popular uses of using traffic exchanges is to build a list of business prospects for now and future endeavors.

Many people also use traffic exchanges for affiliate marketing, promoting the products and services of others to earn commissions.

The key is to remember that the most effective advertisements are squeeze pages and/or splash pages, either from the affiliate programs themselves or you can really stand out from the crowd and make your own squeeze pages and splash pages.

* Read this short guide about splash pages, but don't join, it's a paid site: Join one or both of these sites Here and Here to make your own spalsh pages free!

Is Hits-A-Million FREE ?

Yes. Hits-A-Million is 100% free to join and use.

Why should I purchase a Hits-A-Million Ugraded Membership?

As an upgraded Hits-A-Million member you will receive up to 1000 visitor credits every single month, earn more visitor credits from your surfing efforts and earn up to 15% of the credits your referrals earn from surfing. Upgraded members also have access to a personalized web site rotator and receive randomly allocated admin referrals - You will earn traffic from their surfing and commissions from their purchases.

Prices start at just $25 for an entire year of upgraded membership benefits... this represents excellent value.

How do I earn traffic credits?

Every time you open your surf link, by clicking on the link in your members area, you will begin to view other members sites... this is called surfing.

When you first start surfing, you may see a Stop Surfing page, be sure to click the continue button. Also look out for surf verification pages, they will appear randomly while you are surfing and are designed to streamline our service. They are very easy to complete: answer simple questions, type a security code etc. Be sure to pay attention as you are surfing.

The main surfbar has a banner advertisement and 'Open Page', 'Report Page' and 'Login' links. Also shown are 'Surfed Today', 'Balance' and 'Hits' totals. You will also see the Letter Hunt game.

After 10 seconds, you will also see the words 'Click' followed by a small picture. Next to that, you will see 4 pictures. Click the matching picture to advance to the next site.

When you click on the the correct picture, you will earn 0.5 traffic credit as a free member and up to 1 traffic credit as an upgraded member.

Refer a new member to and receive up to 40 bonus traffic credits. Furthermore, you will earn traffic credits whenever the members in your downline surf.

You earn credits just for showing your referral page. Every unique user who views your page will earn you traffic credit. They don't even have to sign up!

You can also earn free bonus traffic credits within our interactive features:
  • Hits-A-Million Letter Hunt game... simply collect all the letters of any word to receive your free traffic credit prize.

  • Hits-A-Million Movie Trivia game... answer simple trivia questions to win traffic credit prizes.

  • Hits-A-Million Traffic Raffle... tickets can be collected as you surf, everyday one winner is drawn to receive a traffic credit prize pack

  • Hits-A-Million Random Prize... find free traffic credit prizes at irregular intervals as you surf.

  • Hits-A-Million Random Verification pages... complete for free traffic credit prizes at irregular intervals as you surf.
PLEASE NOTE: Any method of surfing to earn visitor credits that does not involve YOU actually looking at the member sites on your surf page is a violation of the Terms of use.

What are your Terms of use?

Click to read the Terms of use.

Can anyone sign up for an account?

Yes! Anyone from around the world may sign up for an account with us as long as you agree with our Terms of use. While we do not allow Adult content, it is important to remember that, while highly unlikely, we cannot guarantee that someone has not inserted inappropriate material. Therefore, care should be taken if minors have access to your computer.

Can I sign up for more than 1 account?

No. You are allowed only one account but you can advertise up to 5 urls, even more for upgraded members. Signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain additional credit is considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all traffic credits, earned commissions and your downline.

How do I add my website?

When you log into your Hits-A-Million account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page. In the top menu, mouseover 'My Advertising' and click on 'My Websites'. This page is where you will add and test your urls.

Are there any restictions to the kind of websites can I advertise?

Please see our Terms of use (section 5) regarding website content.

How do I add a banner?

When you log into your Hits-A-Million account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page. In the top menu, mouseover 'My Advertising' and click on 'My Banners'. This page is where you will add your banners. You can also assign banner credits from this page and access the banner 'How To' turorial.

How do I assign traffic credits?

100% of website traffic credits earned from surfing and/or purchases are automatically assigned to your active websites. Banner advertising credits must be manually assigned in the banner manager of your account.

How fast are my traffic credits used up?

The time it will take to use up your traffic credits depends on the number of members in the system daily, and the speed at which you are earning visitor credits to replace those used up.

What happens if I run out of traffic credits?

Once you run out of traffic credits your website/s no longer display. You can continue to earn more traffic credits for free by surfing, or you can purchase traffic credits from us.

How do I know when I have earned traffic credits for viewing someone else's page?

After you click the correct image, the page will reload. In the bottom frame, your 'Surfed Today' & 'Balance' counters will show that you have received credit.

Why do I sometimes get an error message while surfing?

The member's webpage that you were viewing was not loading properly. Simply refresh the page to continue surfing.

I am using NoScript but when I try to surf the timer does not show. What is wrong?

The Hits-A-Million surf timer uses a simple script to run the timer. When using NoScript the timer will not work until you allow

To do this, click on the S (the symbol for NoScript) or right click on your mouse and choose the NoScript options, then click on '`allow'. You may also need to allow ''. Once you have given permission to NoScript the timer will work.

How do I build my downline?

When you log into your Hits-A-Million account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page. In the top menu, mouseover 'Affiliate Tools' and click on 'promote Tools'. This page is where you will find numerous affiliate tools to help you build your downline. When someone joins Hits-A-Million, using any of these downline building tools, they will be automatically placed in your downline.

DO NOT USE SPAM in your advertising efforts. We have a zero tolerance policy and your account will be terminated without recourse upon the first complaint!

If you need help with ways to promote your referral page, please visit the 'Promote' section for suggestions.

I can't log in to my account area. What could be the problem?

Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email). Make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly. Usernames are all lowercase letters, and Passwords are case-sensitive (uppercase and lowercase matter). Use the 'Forgotten details?' link found on the log in page to have your user details sent to your email address.

Can I buy more traffic credits? How much does it cost?

Yes! Members may purchase more traffic credits by clicking on the BUY TRAFFIC/UPGRADE ACCOUNT links found in the main members area. The cost varies depending on the package you choose. You can also purchase upgraded memberships which include generous traffic credit packages.

Can I change the website(s) I am advertising at a later date?

Yes you can. Simply return to the MY WEBSITES section and make any changes you want.

Can I advertise more than 1 site at a time?

Free Members may advertise up to 5 sites in the system. Upgraded Members may have up to 100 sites in the system.

How often do I have to surf?

You are more than welcome to surf as little or as often as you wish. However, bear in mind that traffic to your web site/s is only possible if you have traffic credits available, which of course are earned through surfing. If you are too busy/unable to surf, you can purchase traffic credits via the 'Buy Traffic' link which can found in your member area.

Please Note: Hits-A-Million reserves the right to deactivate or remove FREE accounts if you do not surf regularly. Usually but not limited to within a 90-120 day period. Upgraded Members have no surf requirement.

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