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  • Traffic Generation ideas to help recruit new members...
    not only to Hits-A-Million, but to any program you like.

    Your Complete FREE Marketing System!
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    Below is a choice selection of the sites I use everyday to generete traffic, I also make regular income from the excellent commissions. All have good, reliable admins.

    Be sure to look over the special bonus offers I have set up for each program, get up to $45 of Hits-A-Million credits FREE. Use my Helpdesk to claim bonuses / ask questions.

    Leads Leap: Almost Every Tool You Need Is Here is FREE!

    LeadsLeap is light years ahead of every other lead generation tool I have used. The tools are easy to use, and they are absolutely unique. LeadsLeap has consistently produced quality traffic for my offers.

    It also produces quality signups for every program I have advertised to date.

    Here is a list of tools you can find in LeadsLeap:

    # - List management system (or commonly known as autoresponder)
    # - Landing page builder
    # - Popup generator
    # - Link tracker and rotator

    Sign up under me, upgrade, and I'll give you Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Take the monthly upgrade - Get 5,000 Hits-A-Million credits EVERY month..

    ** Upgrade for 50% commissions monthly. Free works Too! - Join Leads Leap Here

    Profitsdesk: Whether you're a website owner or an affiliate marketer, you must offer customer service. Profitsdesk is a customer-service contact form hosted on a dedicated server, so lost contact requests and spam filled mailboxes will be a thing of the past.

    Just refer all customers (website or affiliate) to your Profitsdesk link. Nothing to install and no website needed, just use your Profitsdesk link as you would your email address.

    Sign up under me, upgrade, and I'll give you Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Upgrade your account - Get 5,000 bonus Hits-A-Million credits in your account.

    ** A low-cost upgrade also sets you up for INSTANT 50% commissions. - ProfitsDesk

    AdboardZ: List 5 text-ads and 5 banners on your own adboard that you can promote with just one url. You also get 1 EmailAd and 1 Testimonial-link displayed right across the site. This GREAT free advertising is just one of the many membership benefits.

    An upgraded AdboardZ membership is one of the BEST Upgrade deals on the net - Free referrals, 50% commissions, Free upgrades, Free downloads and much MORE!

    Sign up under me, upgrade, and I'll give you Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Upgrade your account - Get 5,000 bonus Hits-A-Million credits in your account.

    ** I have earned back the upgrade cost many times over and you can too - AdboardZ

    TrackerBoard: Organizes all of your links into specific groups, shows you who visits your links, provides you with free advertising, gets your links listed in search engines faster, and provides you with easy to understand split-testing tracking techniques.

    An upgraded Trackerboard membership allows you to track 100 links in 50 groups (rather than 3), and have your favorite links advertised in some high-traffic websites.

    ** A lifetime upgrade is FREE with a Profitsdesk or AdboardZ upgrade - TrackerBoard

    TruckLoad of Ads: If you use safelists, text ad exchanges or traffic exchanges this is really a no-brainer. Owner Connie Hogan has somehow managed to get the owners of a bunch of popular traffic sites to give away traffic.

    For only ten bucks you get hundreds of dollars worth of valuable advertising and the opportunity to make residual income from simply telling others about it.

    Sign up under me, upgrade, and I'll give you free Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Take the upgrade - Get 2,000 free credits added to your Hits-A-Million account. .

    ** Includes a generous affiliate system paying 50%! - TruckLoad of Ads

    Explosive Traffic Swirl: My personal system of massive traffic generation really does work like magic collecting up millions of page views. After the initial setup, this is AWESOME!

    Sign up under me at any or all of the 3 sites listed. Take any upgrade, and I'll give you free Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Take the TopDogs upgrade - Get 10,000 free credits added to your Hits-A-Million account. .

    ** Now, read on to find out how you can use my system to literally explode traffic to your site right across the net and get 1000 free hits to your website! Explosive Traffic Swirl

    FunGuppy: By upgrading to the FunGuppy Premium Membership you can get as much as TEN TIMES more traffic from your FunGuppy website - with LESS work for you! As an a FunGuppy page owner your featured ads will always appear in the top postions. Set your sponsor ad copy to be included in new member posting notification emails - including your own ads! This is excellent "hands free" advertising.

    When you take Premium membership, you simply enter the mail adress registered with your membership when you use the FREE LinkSubmitter, the FREE AdBlaster and the FREE LinkSwarm. Your links and ads will be submitted automatically, without you having to wait for the confirmation code e-mails. A HUGE timesaver, causing you to use these excellent traffic tools more often, and grab MORE traffic from the hordes of potential buyers that visit the FunGuppy network of websites.

    Sign up under me, upgrade, and I'll give you Hits-A-Million credits of equal value.
    E.G. Take the monthly upgrade - Get 1,000 bonus Hits-A-Million credits EVERY month.

    ** By upgrading to the FunGuppy Premium Membership you can get as much as TEN TIMES more traffic from your FunGuppy website - with LESS work for you! - Join Here

    More Traffic Generation Ideas.

    Use Manual Traffic Exchanges

    Surfers will definitely see your web site when you use a manual traffic exchange, as they must manually click the "next" button before continuing on to the next web site.

    Submit Your Website FREE Below:

    * Members Rule - 208,000+ Members Built by a Surfer for Surfers - Great Owner!
    * EasyHits4U - 1,500,000+ members. Join now to make money, get traffic. All Free!
    * FreeTrafficLotto - Free manual traffic exchange completely unlike any other.
    * HitToad - Surf to the Frog Bonus Page & claim Cumulitive Bonuses Great Fun!
    * TrafficG - Long Running HUGE Active Membership Top Quality traffic here.
    * ClickVoyager - Very unique. So many ways to earn credits. 118,000+ members!.
    * Traffic-Splash - Now with 190,000+ Members BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

    Click Here for more Recommended Traffic Exchanges

    Use Traffic Exchange Coops

    A One Stop Traffic Shop. Generating Traffic Easy. Simply show your Co-op link where you want and get your websites & banners seen everywhere the Co-op Advertises!

    Set Up Your Coop Ads FREE Below:

    * TopDogs Rotator - This is a very unique rotator traffic site. This is not a Co-Op rotator as such, although you can earn hits for it. You get paid 2 levels down and your signups earn hits for you too! I have the top upgrade here.
    * The Downliner - Unlike any other traffic generation system you can even post to Social Media without using your Social account! I'm upgraded and use the site daily.

    Click Here for more on Traffic Coops

    Use Opt-In Safelists And Mailers

    These opt-in email services allow you to send your ad to their list anywhere from once a day to once a week. In return, you are expected to read other members ads.

    Send Your Safelist Ads FREE Below:

    * Herculist - eMail 143,000+ members DAILY - Click here to get $5 signup bonus!
    * Smart Solos - Have your html / plain text solo ads submitted to to 13,200 - 117,530 + members! Packages start at just $5.95! (Be sure to look out for Today's Special.)
    * State Of The Art Mailer - My favorite feature is the Time-Bonus ads - your ads are shown on a network of websites & blogs for FREE! Send to 30,000+ members.
    * Mister Safelist - The name says it all. One of the most active and effective Safelists on the net. Your ads are only sent to active members. Monthly credit / cash prizes.
    * Advertyze - One Click Submit up to 10,000 Highly Targeted Weekly Prospects.
    * Majestic Mailer - This is a safelist that sends your email ads out using their server. You can set it on how many emails to send to you daily, or just use the onsite email inbox to receive no emails at all!

    Click Here for our FREE Guide to using Safelists and Mailers.

    Super Contact Solo Ad Offers

    With our NEW & IMPROVED Mega-Mail ad submissions, we can submit your ad to the CONTACT addresses of up to 117,000 people. Highly recommendedadvertising service.

    Sometimes QUADRUPLE Submissions are FREE!

    Be sure to click on the banners below to see Today's Specials.

    Click HERE For Contacts Solo Ad Submitted to 89,600!

    Click here for $5.95 solo ads submitted to over 13,200!

    Use Viral Advertising

    Viral advertising sites are very effective because they require others to read your ad or view your website in order to join. You then promote the advertising pages and as others sign up, your ad appears on their page also. It moves down through the pages of those that they promote and so on.

    The potential is, your website promotion can be seen by thousands of prospects. You can even make some nice cash commissions too!

    Submit Your Website FREE Below:

    * FFA Dragon - This is a great fun way for you to get your opportunites in front of thousands of like-minded people. - Grab your free page today!
    * Ad Ads Online - Feel free to submit your ads on this page 100% free of charge. Your ad will instantly be placed at the very top. You can upgrade your ad with colors, images, icons etc.. - but that’s optional.
    * ViralAdRotator - Recommended - has Guaranteed Return Low-Cost Rev Share.
    * The FREE Link Submitter - Recommended - Submit your link for FREE to 10K+
    * The FREE AdBlaster - Recommended - Blast your ad for FREE to Our Network
    * The FREE Link SWARM - Recommended - Ad your link for FREE to the Swarm

    Click Here for more Recommended Viral Ad Builders

    Use Ad Boards

    Use these to post a free text ad for a pre-set period of time, usually 5 to 10 days. These are some of my Favorites, quick and easy.

    Submit Your Website FREE Below:

    * Ad Ads Online - Your ad INSTANTLY submitted on 7 domains at the same time - seen by thousands of online users.
    * Ad-Cardz - Create a Viral Ad that will deliver growing streams of targetted traffic.
    * ViralAdRotator - Recommended - has Guaranteed Return Low-Cost Rev Share.

    Click Here for more Recommended Traffic Adboards

    Use Text And Banner Ads

    Text and Baner Ads offer fast, cost effective advertising, the most effective being the most basic. All that's needed is a simple call to action highlighting a benefit to people if they click the link.

    Submit Your Text Links FREE Below:

    1. Show My Links - Free text link ads submission website with a Life-Time listing.
    * LeadsLeap (Recommended) - Get your FREE text to over 1,398,100 leads!
    * ViralAdRotator - Recommended - has Guaranteed Return Low-Cost Rev Share.
    * Hits Monkey - Submit your website to receive One Thousand Free Visitors!  
    * AdsVert - Your Fully Targeted text ads shown on thousands of web sites.
    * 1MHoopla - Your 1 MILLION Hits to your website, any site, anytime!

    Submit Your Banners FREE Below:

    * Traffic G - Long established banner exchange Thousands of active partners.
    * Buckets Of Banners - Show banners on a network of Hundreds of Web Pages
    * IntelliBanners - Top banner rotator, use this link to get a FREE Trial Upgrade!
    * BagsOfAds - Send a Bag Full of Ads to Your Websites across our Entire Network!

    Use Classified Ads

    Placing free classified ads is a great way to advertise. Be sure to read each sites terms regarding the rules of placing ads as it's possible to be banned from posting.

    Submit Your Website FREE Below:

    * ClassiefiedAds - Free to post an ad, free to browse listings, free to contact sellers.
    * AdLandPro - Your ad in one database being linked from over 72283 sites.
    * ClassifiedAdsForFree - Guranteed impressions. High traffic site. Banner / Text ads.
    * AdPost Classifieds - Post ads here and be seen on thousands of other sites!

    Click Here for more Recommended Classified Advertising

    AutoSurf - fast traffic

    When you have a need for eg. more banner impressions, referral page view credits or "ratings" like Alexa etc. You will discover that Auto-surf is IDEAL for this purpose!

    Submit Your Website FREE Below:

    * Auto-Surf Works - Top List: Millions of views 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Click Here for a FREE Traffic Generation System that Runs on Autopilot


    This is a quick and controllable way to get your website found.

    Sign Up FREE Below:

    * Webmasters / Advertisers - EarnCash and/or promote Your Site.

    EasyHits4U.com - Your Free Traffic Exchange
    - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please Click Here.

    No Pic    Happy Promoting from Greg at Hits-A-Million :-)