Safelist Traffic Hoopla

Newcomer? This Traffic Hoopla introduction to Safelist is a good starting point.

Safelist are an easy entry, online advertising resource. Typically, one can join for free, and begin advertising within minutes.

Safelist are an exchange of promotional emails amongst participating members.

All Safelist members are confirmed, opt-in, email validated, and agree to receive these promotional emails. Therefore, it is not spam.

This traffic is the most targeted traffic you will find anywhere. It is best described as searchers, rookies and seasoned pros, Internet Marketers, looking for vision, ideas, and solutions regarding making money online, webmaster, and anything about online business.

The most common and best Safelist format is credit based. A credit based Safelist is where participating members receive credits for viewing these promotional emails. Each email includes a special link using the Safelist URL. When the participant views your promotional email, clicks on the special link, they are taken to your website (whatever page you are promoting), and earn credits for viewing it.

This methodology of advertising can be extremely fruitful, especially for those with a little organization, common sense, and consistency.

First note, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of similar online advertising resources, and most are worthless, in that they generate little to no hits, no activity, and no results. However, there are those that do work, and we make sales from these every single day.

The current Top Safelist, as reported every Thursday from Traffic Hoopla and our Safelist Report, is your best guide for all your advertising decisions. All are tested and ranked based on statistical testing data only, including primary and secondary conversion rates.

When joining a Safelist, using two different email addresses is best, and unrelated to any of your other online work. List one email as your contact email, the other for the list. Gmail from Google is great. And continue to use these two emails for all your Safelist memberships and advertising.

Understand the business of Safelist. You will receive hundreds, maybe thousands of promotional emails. Remember, this is not spam, members are confirmed, opt-in, email validated, agree to receive these promotional emails. Create folders for each Safelist you participate, direct the emails accordingly, and participate by viewing the promotional emails and earning credits, according to your advertising needs. Then, as much and as often as you can, make the most of your membership and send out your promotional emails.

On average, participating in the current Top Safelist, one can send over 100K Safelist messages a week.  Then, of course, your results are based on what you are selling and how you present it.

Be careful though! Do not include any URL in any Safelist message. Never, ever, ever! Each credit based Safelist will provide a spot for you to list your URL in which they will direct to when participating members click the special link that is added to your promotional message.

When creating your Safelist messages, keep it simple. Short and simple titles and messages work best. What sells best is your website, splash page, whatever webpage you are promoting. So here, long emails and crafty titles aren`t that great. Keep it short and simple, convenient to participating members to locate and follow the special link.  In the end, it is your webpage that will sell, or not.

One last note about spam. The world of online spam is serious and dangerous. Every single day, email marketers lose hosting accounts, affiliate accounts, and ISP accounts because of spam. As an exact rule, only send email to those that have given you permission to do so. And never, ever, ever, include any Traffic Hoopla URL, any URL you own, or any other affiliate URL, within the email. If promoting something, first make a shorturl with a service like, and again, only send email to those that have given you permission to do so.

Credit based Safelist are best. Safelist advertising is not spam. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of similar online advertising resources, and most are worthless, in that they generate little to no hits, no activity, and no results. However, there are those that do work, and we make sales from these every single day.

First, the Safelist (also called List Builders and email marketing) advertising arena is hot. The current top ranked are generating some rather impressive, and consistent stats, including new visitors, click percentage, and most important, conversions. If not already engaged and fully participating, this is your best day to learn and get started.

Disclaimer: There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of Safelist online today. Most are worthless in that they generate little to no traffic, and little to no results. However, there are those that do work, and we make sales from these every single day.

How Do I Use Safelist?

The following are a few of my daily habits, practices, and techniques for using Safelist. Safelist are key part of my daily advertising, as I plant seeds, build traffic, promoting my business, preparing and looking forward to a bountiful harvest.

Email is key, I recommend gmail. When it comes to working online, I use three email accounts. My best email is used as contact for my best resources, things most important to me. A second email is used as a contact for other resources, and all Safelist. And then a third email for all list.

Furthermore, about email, I use the pop 3 setting with gmail, all my email come to my computer, I use Outlook, organized with folders for each Safelist, and messages rules for distribution. I then set my gmail to delete all messages once downloaded (I do so for this list email account only). The Safelist advertising messages are now conveniently organized and ready for me to gain access, view for credits when needed, then I clean house (delete) on a regular basis.

Alternatively, when you feel like collecting safelist credits, login to your safelist email accounts and click until you've had enough. You can use the search feature to collect credits from a particular site and also narrow down your searches to solos, credit mails etc.

You can mass delete emails with gmail too, but the storage capacity of gmail is huge, I have had 50,000+ emails in my safelist, so no big deal if the inbox is swamped daily and you don't get in there much to clean it out.

Keep in mind, Safelist 101, this is an exchange of email advertising, therefore, whatever email you give as your list email will receive hundreds to thousands of email a day. This is OK, gmail works great, this gives you an opportunity to view and earn credits in exchange for sending your email advertising.

And note, statistically, the current Top Ranked Safelist are generating good conversions.

What do I love most about Safelist?

One can join for free, work hard, and get rewarded for it. In addition, conversion rates are generally higher, than similar advertising resources, and if one can afford it, upgrades are pretty good, commissions too.

During my early days of marketing, more than ten years ago, I will admit, I hated Safelist. This was because I jumped in without understanding, without organization, and without rhyme or reason. Once I got settled, organized, on purpose, into a daily routine, tracking, focussing on the current top ranked, Safelist are now a key part of my online business.

Ready to jump into Safelist?

If a newcomer, take your time, get organized and into a daily routine. Join free first, and only upgrade when you can afford it.

Seasoned marketers? I personally upgrade with every resource I use on a regular basis. The upgrade benefits of Safelist pro memberships are significant, including very generous commission plans. When you can afford it, do it, upgrade, to expand your reach, planting more seeds, increased opportunity, and commissions too.

Everyday, as part of my daily routine, I login to every Safelist, and if available, I send an advertising message to as many as possible. My perspective is like a farmer planting seeds. Each day, my goal is to plant as many seeds as possible, reaching as many people as possible, proclaiming my advertising message the best I can, so that soon, I will reap a bountiful harvest.

One last note about Safelist messages. In my experience, short and sweet works best. A good headline, a short message, then list your URL, NOT WITHIN THE MESSAGE, but only in the space provided. If you need a little tracker redirect to follow the numbers, Leads Leap is good.

And yes, for promoting your Traffic Hoopla on Safelist, you may use any of our headlines and short messages.